100 Days of Happiness and 90 Days of Kicking Fear in the Face ….

Life has a way of hearing your thoughts, and giving you want you need even when you don’t know that you need it. 

 A week and a half ago, I lost my job – sort of.  I was given a 6 week reprieve, a “We have had to terminate your position, but we really need you to finish up that effort that you have been working on, so you can stay for 6 more weeks.”  This is the second time this has happened to me, in the same industry, and by the same company. 

 There are many differences between the two instances, but the biggest is this time, I’m not worried.  I should be.  This time I have a husband and two children… last time it was just myself and my fiance (now husband).  And while I’m not exactly sure how things will work out, I do know that they will.  Our family has been experiencing some turbulence recently, but I was too scared, too fearful to make some changes that we needed.  So, instead, those changes were made for me.  A kick in the pants, so to speak.  And here I am, going down a new path that is uncharted, unexplored.

  I am scared shitless, but I will hike this mountain with every intention of punching fear in the face every time it stands in my way.  I will also embrace those opportunities that decide to appear along the way.  This challenge, for one, was very timely, and while at first I thought “Too much, too hard, can’t think about stuff like that right now.” My tune has changed and I’ve decided this is the very thing I need right now.  And hell, why not just add it onto another challenge that has been bouncing around in my brain for a bit now.  Why not, indeed. 

So here are my goals for this 90 days, my attempt at getting – not back on track, as I think I am exactly where I am supposed to be – but getting more confident in this new path and re-learning to love the little things in life. 


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