Changing Paths



Life can just be absolutely shitty in the best way possible sometimes.  You can be feeling the pressures of home life for a few months and know that the only way they will change is if you make a major change, but you aren’t quite sure how to start.   So you’ll ponder, and think, and dream, and scheme, but continue on as you are day after day, getting more and more frustrated.  Life, who has been patiently watching this entire time, finally throws up their hands, stomps over, and says, “Here, let me help you.”  And politely puts a foot on your ass and shoves you on your way.

There are two ways to take this, I think.  You can be scared and afraid, and slowly start to crawl back down the same tunnel, whimpering and shaking the entire way.  Or you can lift your head and see that the tunnel you thought you were in isn’t real.  There is no stone mountain surrounding you, forcing you down an endless, endeavor.  Instead, there is simply a path, cutting its way across a gorgeous landscape; fields and mountains, small streams and rushing waterfalls.  And that path that you have just been shoved down on is not a straight line, nor is it solitary.  There are numerous bends and turns, climbs and drops.  Other paths branch off to lead away to new fields and new mountains.

When you sit for a minute, and consider the opportunities given to you, life clasps its hands in excitement, breathlessly watching to see the move you’ll make, hoping that you’ll take advantage and make those changes you were dreaming about.  And why not? The ‘What if’s” will always be there, glaring at you along the way.  Why not have a bit of faith in life and see what adventures a new path has to offer.  It could be the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever be blessed enough to see in your life.

Be Brave~




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