2017 Reading Challenge

**Updates below original post!!**

I love books.  I love their presence, their smell, the knowledge they spread.  Everything about them.  And like most people that love books,  my “to read stack” is actually a “to read bookcase” (yes, I am being literal).  I broke up my books into two groups last year in an attempt to reign myself in and limit my book buying spree.  1) the To-Learn group, ie anything that enriches my brain with knowledge. 2) the For-Fun group, ie anything that enriches creative thought or encourages escape from reality.

This did help me knock down my TBR bookcase ….. ok, ok who am I kidding.   For every book I read, no matter which group it came from, I bought two more … or three, or four, or… (where’s the sign up sheet for booksaholic anonymous? ).  What did end up happening, though, was I found myself reading more books from my To Learn group.  My For Fun group kept growing,  but very few books moved off my TBR bookcase and onto my Read It case.

I saw this list floating around Facebook, and thought it would be a great way to challenge myself to finally get to some of those stories for entertainment. The list on Facebook was pretty open to how to complete it, so I thought I would add some personal rules to follow.

1) Each book read can only be used on one line. (Meaning by the time I am done, I will have read 26 books).

2) Each book must be a previously unread book, unless stipulated otherwise by the challenge.

3)(Not shown in picture above) I must share a review/thoughts for each completed line.

I’m actually really excited to give this a try. What about you? Any exciting book challenges or goals that you’ve set up for yourself for 2017?


I thought I should take a moment, now that I’ve been doing this for a bit, and add all of my challenge reviews to this page as well. I’ve put the entire list below, with links to books that I’m planning to read and posts if they’ve been completed. If you have any recommendations for the blanks (meaning I don’t have anything on my TBR bookshelf to fit that challenge – seriously, anyone with any ideas for a book with Brittnie as a character or set in Wyoming/Utah – help a gal out!), let me know in the comments below!

    1. A book you read in school
    2. A book from your childhood – Nancy Drew 35: the Haunted Showboat ~  Book Review
    3. A book published over 100 years ago – Journey to the Center of the Earth ~  Book Review
    4. A book published in the last year – The Universe Has Your Back
    5. A non-fiction book – Undeniable
    6. A book written by a male author – The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
    7. A book written by a female author – Frankenstein
    8. A book by someone who isn’t an author – A Brief History of Time
    9. A book that became a film – Inferno
    10. A book published in the 20th century –
    11. A book set in your home town/region –
    12. A book with someones’ name in the title –  After Alice
    13. A book with a number in the title – Edgar Allan Poe ~ Book Review
    14. A book with a character with your first name –
    15. A book someone else recommended to you – You Are a Badass
    16. A book over 500 pages – The Cuckoo’s Calling
    17. A book you can finish in a day – How to Be a Bawse ~ Book Review
    18. A previously banned book – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
    19. A book with a one word title – Cosmos
    20. A book translated from another language –
    21. A book that will improve a specific area in your life – Spark
    22. A memoir or journal – Wild
    23. A book written by someone younger than you – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    24. A book set somewhere you will be visiting –
    25. An award winning book – The Devil in the White City
    26. A self-published book –




**This page may contain affiliate links. These do not create any extra expense to the reader, and help me immensely. Besides, I wouldn’t endorse anything that I don’t believe in 🙂 **


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